Boarding & Training

Linda is widely known for her success in her Boarding and Training Program. Dogs are sent from all over the United States to train here.

Please note: We do not offer short term (weekend) pet boarding for the public, this is a 2-3 week boarding and training program.

In our program dogs learn the following behaviors:

  • Down on Command until Released
  • Sit on Command until Released
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Go to and Stay on a Dog Bed
  • The Leave it Command
  • The Wait Command
  • Crate training

Our system of training:

Phase 1

We initially condition the dog to do all behaviors by utilizing shaping, target training, and luring. Linda’s focus is on teaching the dogs in fun ways using food, games, and praise. The goal is to make learning fun and to give the dog a positive association with working. This phase of learning is very reward based and produces confidence in the dog while working.

Pictured here is “Tater”. She went through our Board and Train program and her dedicated owner Kathy went on to get an Obedience Trial Championship and Rally Excellent Title with her!

Phase 2

Linda puts the behavior on a cue and begins giving high value rewards on an intermittent basis. This gives you a dog that begins to work even harder for his reward. Dogs are very situational learners and they need to be taught in many new situations to become fluent in their behaviors. During this phase, Linda introduces pressure and release (collar corrections) to reinforce commands, however Linda always rewards the dog with play, food, or affection at the end. Linda’s goal is to deliver a dog that is happy to work and is consistent in performing his obedience commands under a wide range of distractions.


Our Board and Train Program is 2 weeks long.

Our Services are $1500 plus the owner supplies the dogs food.

Our spacious outdoor runs are covered and designed to let your dog get plenty of exercise and playtime while they are with us.

It is just as important to teach you as it is to teach your dog! Therefore clients are required to come out for a minimum of three training sessions with us (but even more is better!) so that we can teach them how to maintain what their dog has learned and how to properly communicate and motivate their dogs. We give a lifetime commitment with our board and train clients….if you ever need help, Linda is there to help you solve any problems!

Pictured here is “Scooter” learning to perform a Stay on a dog bed in the house!

This is “Timber” one of our previous Board and Train Dogs!

We do limit the number of dogs that we accept into our Boarding and Training program.

What we cannot do:

Our program is highly successful in teaching and proofing obedience behaviors.

We cannot change your dogs energy level or temperament. We also can not “fix” normal behaviors such as digging, chewing, or barking. We are happy to help you understand these issues and how to manage your dog differently.

For information, please fill out the form HERE. We look forward to meeting you and your fur-baby!